Five Reasons why CAL REI Saddle Pads
are the best choice for your horse.


After a few minutes of riding, most of the saddle pads on the market become flat and stop providing cushioning and weight distribution mostly because of the materials they are made of that lack in elasticity and strength to go return quickly to their original shape.

The amazing 3D Spacer fabric from Cal Rei provides continuous and even weight/pressure distribution along the horse’s back. By continuous we mean throughout the entire riding session, while you are posting, squeezing or jumping.  


The microfilament structure of the 3D Fabric provide cleanliness and equine hygiene. Cal Rei products offer prevents your saddle pads to accumulate mites, bacteria and fungi without the need to apply cleaning products or detergents that may provoke allergic reactions to the horse.

Infact, the 3D Spacer fabric facilitates cleaning by simply dipping the products in water or by spraying water through them with a hoze.

Thanks to the open structure, drying the fabric is also super easy and fast.


Equestrian products manufactured with the 3D Spacer fabric have excellent airflow and humidity regulation.

This breathable fabric prevents excessive heat and sweat accumulation, lowering the temperature and moisture.

This makes Cal Rei products fresh, odorless and free from the formation of harmful bacteria.

The 3D fabric consists of millions of fibers that interlace the upper layer with the lower layer, acting as an air chamber with thermoregulatory effect and pressure distribution.

More reasons to use Cal Rei Pads

4. Easy to wash

5. Long lasting

Cal Rei products are free of any foams, stuffing or materials typically found in other equestrian textile products. The 3D Fabric provides, amongst other benefits, many unique advantages, essential for the wellbeing of your horse.


CalRei Correction Pads have been designed to provide ultimate comfort and wellbeing for the horse. These half pads are geeting great success especially from hunter riders. The pads consist of two interconnected 3D Spacer fabric layers. Inside these layers CalRei has engineered pockets that can be refilled with additional pieces of 3D Spacer fabric in order to achieve the proper adjustment between the saddle and horse. This innovation has been created to enable the correct fit of the saddle to the horse’s back during transitional growth or work stages, as well as to compensate for the imbalances provoked by morphologic changes that can take place throughout a horse’s life.

The correction pads are valued by equestrians around the world for their high levels of breathability, resistance, flexibility, hygiene and pressure distribution. The Correction Pads have the same features of CalRei saddle pads and are an essential piece for the horse ́s comfort during evolving muscular development, or for any horse with a sensitive back or rigorous work and show schedule.


Cal Rei saddle cloths and numnahs are manufactured with double layers of 3D fabric, joined without any kind of glue. The layers keep the structure 100% open, designed to offer the horse maximum comfort. The inner layer or lining is soft and gentle, with smaller holes to prevent the penetration of any hair. The outer layer is thicker, very resistant and with slightly larger holes to ensure outstanding breathability.

Cal Rei saddle pads, corrective pads and numnahs are able to maintain a superior level of comfort and retain their shape even after many months of use. When maintained with proper care, Cal Rei product’s resistance, firmness, elasticity and strength will remain unaltered.

The bouncing effect of millions of interconnected vertical threads is what evenly distributes the pressure along the fabric, avoiding injuries and discomfort for the horse.

Cal Rei products also have an unparalleled degree of hygiene thanks to their outstanding breathability, as there will be almost no sweat accumulation. Cal Rei products wash easily without the need of a washing machine (products can even handle tumble drying, maximum temperature 30˚C - 85˚F ).

Cal Rei has saddle pads designed specifically for every equestrian discipline: Dressage, Jumping, Endurance, Horse Racing, Eventing, Western and Pony.

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